Honda Recycled Car Parts

Honda has been designing recyclability into their cars since at least the 1980s and and since 2001 have improved their evaluation system for recyclability [the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle].


The reuse and recycling aspects are of importance to the car dismantler and buyer of pre used Honda parts. The design of their cars takes into account easy dismantling and longer product lives. These are 2 important facets as easier to disassemble auto parts combined with greater longevity should translate into cheaper, better quality second hand parts.


Honda has been organising the sale of reused parts since 2001 in Japan. Those parts have included exterior car parts [such as doors, bonnets etc] and light fittings [such as headlight and tail lights]. This hasn’t come to the UK yet but the know how is coming here via different routes: A dismantling manual and Honda’s ongoing commitment to recycling-friendly designs.


The design to disassemble a vehicle is important as this should lead to easier access to the parts and also greater ease in removing the car parts. This should lead to the better condition of reused car parts.


In deed, this proactive approach has anticipated the UK & EU’s End of Life Vehicles Directive. This has been commercially astute as well as environmentally friendly as a vehicle manufacturer and importer must cover all or most of the cost of the new free take back system [the ability to dispose of a vehicle free of charge].


The laws and directives are in place to promote and ensure recyclability. Honda is designing for this and is making available procedures and equipment to aid dismantling. Honda parts should become cheaper and of better quality from the car dismantlers as this rolls out through the industry.


An issue will be letting potential customers know that these quality, pre used car parts will be becoming available. You’ve read the article so now you know and you will want to check the market place. This is where 1st Choice Spares can help.

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