Recycled Car Parts – What’s Not to Like?

Let’s look at an equation or two:

1. Save some money
Lots of cars on UK roads (28,467,289 in 2011!) x increased costs of living x very pricey car parts x time (as our car ages) = only one place to go to save some money = 1st Choice Spares

2. Save the Planet
One planet x more people born every day x all wanting to drive at some point = lots of resources needed = good environmental sense to reuse and recycle = 1st Choice Spares

3. Keep the Insurers Happy
High costs of repairs x increased drivers on the road x more accidents = reuse & recycle car parts = ethical idea and cheaper parts = 1st Choice Spares

4. Keep the Politicians and the EU Happy (a miracle if you can pull this off!)
End of Life Vehicle Directive x end of life vehicles accounting for between 8 and 9 million tonnes of waste (blimey that’s a lot!) x Europe’s vehicle usage largest in the world x increasing targets by 2015 = headache for governments = take away the strain by reusing = only one place to go = 1st Choice Spares

5. Lets Tell the World
(Twitter + Facebook + Pinterest + Mainstream media + Car Auto Recyclers Show ) x lots of lovely people all wanting to save money and the planet (80% think reusing parts is a good idea) x it’s good news, lets share it = 1st Choice Spares

Easy as A + B = C
A = A Happy Customer and a Happy Planet
B = Better Break-up-ability of Bits (Thank you manufacturers!)
C = Cheaper Used Car Parts

In Summary:
80% of the public think green, recycled parts are a good idea
100% of the planet agrees (it has no choice but you do!)
250 car breakers to choose from
1 x easy phone call (or a free online enquiry)

*Based on a competition entry by Rebecca Hogarth