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Replacement SAAB Parts

It has been a worrying time for UK SAAB owners since Saab GB went into administration on November 29 2011. No rescue attempt has yet succeeded in rescuing the 64 year old parent car manufacturer. Existing SAAB car owners could be understandably worried about warranties and parts. Cars consume parts as a part of their natural life cycle. As they get older they are more likely to need spare parts.

Whilst SAAB GB was trading one could expect a satisfactory supply chain that could sell and distribute replacement car parts. What now? Well, it will depend on how things have been left. The Rover parts business kept on going after the car manufacturer failed so that spare parts were not at immediate threat. This may not happen with SAAB. Owners of older SAAB models will be more adversely affected than newer model owners. The reason is that newer models had a greater percentage of GM parts built into them. Those parts will be more readily available as the GM models that use them are still in production.

SAAB breakers supply spares

If the existing dealerships also turn away from the brand then SAAB owners will face an even tougher time sourcing spare parts. This will be an added blocker to SAAB owners – who can one turn to in order to get advice on the matter? The official channels of manufacturer and associated dealers will be gone. With no immediate prospect of future business existing dealers [such that are left] will have no real incentive to act as an information conduit.

There is an alternative source of SAAB Parts and it is easily tapped into online: The recycling industry in the form of vehicle dismantlers. SAAB vehicles have been designed with recycling in mind. So car breakers and dismantlers can break the vehicle efficiently and correctly for salvage parts. New spares are going to fall in number with the cessation of SAAB car production. Spare parts that become rarer can become more expensive.

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