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The immediate and terrible consequences of the earthquake off Japan’s North East coast have been endured by Japan’s stoic people. The personal and national distress caused by earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophes are simply beyond popular imagination here in Britain.

The effects of this tsunami are rippling across this complicated modern world that we inhabit. Whilst the Japanese people organise emergency shelter and welfare for those directly affected by the disaster what of normal day to day activity? Power, shipping, and production have all been hit to a greater or lesser degree. Honda had halted car production temporarily. It is not just the assembly plants that will have seen production output altered. Japan is an important manufacturer of car parts. The global supply chain will invariably be disrupted by the recent and ongoing tragic events.

Existing orders for new cars may be affected, and human nature being what it is you may see a down turn in demand as people source cars that are available. There is overproduction in the market place and market position must be fought for. If you aren’t there then you can’t compete. Outsourced assembly may see some of this avoided. How about the supply chain in spare parts? Those with Honda cars will carry on using them, and they will need servicing and replacement parts over time.

It is a little thing compared to recent events, but these little things will affect our tomorrow. A shortage of supply with constant demand will see prices rise. Prices rising at a time of relentless cost of living and tax rises will be unwelcome. If you add in that inflation is causing the value of take home pay to fall as well then these little things can cause economic pain. The car needs to be maintained so that we can work in order to pay our mortgages and bills. We cannot just stop, even in the face of someone else’s disaster. It would be worse to forget about Japanese products as it means that we would be forgetting about their tomorrow.

Can any short term disruption to the supply of replacement Honda parts be met by the domestic recycling industry? Thankfully the industrious and efficient Honda motor corporation has been actively designing for the reuse of their cars’ parts since at least the 1980s. This coupled with an ever growing domestic dismantling industry means that there is an active market for used Honda car spares.

This market is readily available to all with access to a phone or an internet connection. Online parts location forms can find a part for your Honda car. No obligation quotes coupled with a prompt delivery service can help you keep your car on the road.

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