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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below of interest to see the answer. 

  • Q: How quickly can I expect to start to receive quotes?

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    A: Usually within 5-10 minutes from the time you first enter your request. Some suppliers work until late in the evening but most will quote during office hours.

  • Q: Should I accept Telephone Quotes?

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    A: To verify genuine Suppliers and Telephone Quotes, always ask the supplier to send you a  Written Quote via the 1st Choice site, in order that you can confirm the suppliers details etc.

  • Q: What do the Star Ratings mean?

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    A: The ratings appear alongside the quoting suppliers names :  5* = Very Good -Few or Zero Complaints     3-4* = Received some Complaints - All resolved promptly.    1-2* = Received a number of complaints - Require effort to resolve sometimes.

  • Q: How do I order & pay for my parts?

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    A: Once you've compared prices and decided to accept a quote, log back into 1st Choice and view your Requests & Quotes.  

    Click to "View Quotes" alongside the request and select the supplier who's quote you wish to accept.

    Click the "Order Online" button and choose how you'd like to pay (Card/PayPal) and enter your payment details or if you prefer, you can call the depot direct and pay by card over the phone.

    That's all there is to it!

  • Q: Why pay by Credit Card?

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    A: If you buy goods or services on your credit or debit card, you have rights under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.  Section 75 covers items costing over £100 and up to £30,000, if at least a proportion has been paid on your credit card.  If you buy goods or services on your credit or debit card, you have extra protection if things go wrong compared with paying by cash or cheque.

    Credit cards come with the greatest protection, as you can make a claim against your card provider under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. However, there is another card protection scheme, chargeback, which covers purchases made by both credit and debit card.

  • Q: What guarantees do they offer?

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    A: All offer a minimum of 30 days guarantee on parts supplied. Many offer 60 days and some parts come with 90 days or even more.

  • Q: Am I obliged to purchase if I make a request?

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    A: No, absolutely not. You're under no obligation whatsoever. Once you make a request, our members phone or enter & send a quote for you to consider. You need not purchase any parts at all but we hope our members will provide you with the best possible quotes available so if you need quality used vehicle spares, 1st Choice members are your No 1 choice.

  • Q: Do I receive quotes by Text or Email?

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    A: As well as online, we will email each quote to you with prices and contact details.  If you leave your mobile number, we'll also send you a free text, to let you know when quotes have been received, so you can read, compare prices and save money.  

  • Q: How many dismantlers are linked to 1st Choice?

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    A: 1st Choice has built up a network of OVER 250 of the UK's TOP Car, Van & 4x4 Recyclers and now have probably the largest network of recycled parts suppliers in the UK.

  • Q: What happens if a part supplied is faulty?

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    A: Simply contact the supplying member direct to inform them your part is faulty. The member will usually ask you to return the faulty part and either despatch a replacement or if they do not have one available, they will arrange for an immediate refund.   If the matter cannot be resolved then you can report the problem to our Customer Care team via the link on the "Contact Us" page. 

  • Q: Can I leave Feedback?

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    A: To maintain the high level of service we expect from member suppliers, it would be very helpful if you could spare a few moments to tell us about the service you received and leave some feedback about the supplier and our web site.

    To leave Feedback, simply log back into our web site at and click the relevant link beneath your request.  




  • Q: How quickly are parts delivered?

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    A: Usually the next working day, depending on the time you made your request and the day of the week. For example, if a request is made at 4.30pm, it is unlikely that the parts can be despatched before the following day or if the request was made on a Friday, most couriers will be unable to deliver before Monday, unless a special surcharge has been agreed.

  • Q: Can I telephone my request?

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    A: We no longer provide a call centre service as it far quicker, easier and cheaper for you to make a free request online yourself.  Just enter your reg number or click on the CAR, VAN or 4x4 buttons or links.  

  • Q: What savings can I expect to make if I use Recycled spares instead of new ones?

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    A: Obviously it's impossible to accurately give a true percentage figure but you should expect to save between 50% to 80% off the cost of new spares.

  • Q: What success rate does 1st Choice have in finding spares?

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    A: Again it's impossible to accurately state just how many times we successfully find spares for customers but indications are that it’s as high 80% to 90% of the time.

  • Q: What is a Full Engine?

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    A: Full Engines comprise of: Cylinder Head, Engine Block & Sump.  It would not normally include ancillary items such as Starters, Injection Pumps or Alternators etc. unless requested and agreed additionally.

  • Q: What if you do not find my spares first time?

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    A: Obviously with the nature of used spares, it would be impossible for every member to have every spare for every model of vehicle ever made, however with a network of 250+ Dismantlers, we usually find 3 or 4 have one and offer you a quote. It is of course possible from time to time that no one will have a particular part but as all members are receiving new stock daily, you can simply re-enter your request a day or two later and often, your parts will have become available.

  • Q: How many requests can I make?

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    A: As many as you like. Obviously if you are a private motorist, you will only need to make the occasional request for spares but if you are a trade repairer, you can use 1st Choice to locate them as often as you wish - all completely free!

  • Q: Will my personal details be used by other companies?

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    A: No. Your personal details are used solely to allow our members to contact you with no obligation quotes for parts you may request using 1st Choice Spares or to inform you of any new developments or services available from 1st Choice.

  • Q: I can't see a question on here, can I contact 1st choice?

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    A: Yes, try the contact page, and send us a message.

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