BMW car parts – avoiding costly repairs

As with all makes of car, new BMWs aren’t the only type on the roads. Older models still have appeal, and drivers of both old and new BMWs need car parts if they are to avoid costly garage repairs. Of course, the technology involved in the design and manufacture of new BMWs means that there may be less that the owner-maintainer can do, but you could still save money in key areas. Drivers of older models may be able to repair and service their cars without ever taking them to a garage if they know where to get the best BMW car parts.


Seeking out BMW car parts


Whether you’re an owner of a new BMW looking for a wheel trim or wing mirror, or the driver of an old-style BMW looking for a clutch or gearbox, you need to find dealers who can supply the parts you need. New BMW car parts are expensive, so the best place to go is breakers and dealers who have good quality pre-owned car parts for sale at a more reasonable price. This is especially true for older BMW models, where parts are likely to be out of production. How do you keep your car on the road if you can’t repair it? Where once your weekend would be spent travelling to specialist yards or particular dealers in order to hunt down a specific BMW car part, today’s owners can sit in their homes and search online.


BMW car parts for cars 15 years old and more


BMWs that are driven by corporate managers are unlikely to be serviced by their drivers. They will be lease or contract hire vehicles, with a service agreement that ensures that every BMW car part is sourced new and fitted by a professional. Many BMWs, however, are bought and driven by individuals who love the style, build quality and performance of these cars – and these are often the drivers who save money by maintaining the car themselves. By having access to parts dealers across the country, these owners can get hold of the BMW car parts they are looking for and have them delivered to the door – often saving time and money. Parts sourced this way, through broker sites like 1st Choice, are good quality, reliable parts and carry a guarantee, so that you can be certain you’re making the right choice.


Search for BMW car parts today


At 1stChoice, we’ve made it as easy as possible for your to find the BMW car parts you need. We have over 250 dealers in our UK network, so whilst we can’t guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for, we’re pretty sure that you will. Dealers contact you direct with prices and delivery details and you’re under no obligation to buy from anyone. If you are contacted by a dealer who has what you’re looking for at the right price, then go ahead and make the purchase. Take the time to run a search now, or use the number at the top of our home page to call us if you have any questions.