Car Breakers Can Save You Money

People should use recycled car parts from Car Breakers because it is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

We have one planet. Don’t use it all at once, simple.

Two manufacturers are unlikely to have the exact same specification or tolerances for products they manufacture. So, although a 3rd party might sell a replacement for that widget that has broken, only the original design as fitted when the car was built is sure to work properly. Makes sense then to get a quality tested second-hand original part, rather than a replica. Twins they are not.

Three quarters of the parts on an average salvage car can be re-used. Three-quarters! And that is properly re-used, not recycled (although most of the rest can still be recycled as something else). It makes no sense to simply throw away all the time, energy, and effort that went into designing and manufacturing all of these three-quarters that find their way to breakers yards.

For every four kilos of steel in your new car, on average something like one kilo will be recycled steel. OK, that was a long way around to bring in four! But the point is that when you buy a brand new car, built to order, it is most likely already one quarter or so recycled. So if anyone feels any stigma about fitting not ‘100% new’ parts, they shouldn’t.

Insurance. Often a part is replaced under insurance, so any way to reduce those costs will reduce our astronomically high insurance costs. That must be worth a High Five.

One: Planet.
Two: 3rd party manufacturers are not original manufacturers’ twins.
Three: Quarters can be-used.
Four: You’re already driving recycled, so there isn’t any stigma.
Five.: Say hello to lower insurance.


*Based on a competition entry by Michael Coupar