Car Parts – Are Car Parts About to go Green?

The state of the environment is clearly of much concern in almost every industry and this is particularly true of the automotive industry. If reports are to be believed, however, car parts for vehicles may soon be an awful lot greener – literally.

According to a report in the Montreal Gazette, the development of car parts made from plants and biocars will really begin to take off when the worldwide recession comes to an end. Of course, it may sound far-fetched to think of car parts that are constructed from various forms of plants but the technology is essentially already in place for such an endeavour and if this environmentally approach is embraced by both manufacturers and consumers alike, there is no reason why all cars won’t have at least some of their car parts made from organic materials within the next decade or so. This will obviously yield massive benefits environmentally speaking as car parts are clearly one of the biggest manufacturing industries and, if they could be created without impacting on the environment, then all the better.

Car Parts – Hitting the Road

Car parts are obviously many and varied and range from brake discs to radiators but if some of a car’s interior could be made from plants and organic materials it will obviously have a significant impact on helping improve the state of the environment – which, at this juncture of global warming and climate change, is clearly imperative. Making car parts from plants isn’t quite as fanciful as it sounds and, speaking to the Montreal Gazette, Terry Daynard of the Ontario BioAuto Council, states, “This whole bio area will be huge. Anything made out of plastic can be made with biomaterials. It easy to say wheat straw can be used to make car bumpers and door panels but automobile manufacturers have to make sure the biomaterials will stand up in a crash and withstand different temperatures”.

Car Parts – Tackling Climate Change

There are understandably many discussions on the state of the environment and this is something which will continue to take place until proactive measures are taken to help reverse the damage being done. One such endeavour could well be the introduction of using plants during the manufacturing process of various car parts. Of course, it is naive to think that a car could be made primarily of organic car parts but if there are areas where the use of plants for car parts wouldn’t prove detrimental to the functionality of the vehicle, then it certainly seems like an avenue worth pursuing.

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