Car parts – Beat the Credit Crunch

If you’re strapped for cash, improving your existing car rather than trading it in or buying new is one way to save money – a few new car parts could transform your car’s performance.


We’re paying for the excesses of the eighties and nineties, with our economy in its worst shape since the 1930s. And with the recession has come a seismic shift in how we shop and live: it’s all about improving on what you’ve got and returning to the ‘mend it’ mentality of the post-war years. If your car’s wing mirror gets bashed – you can invest in the right car parts from a dedicated car parts supplier who can find you the best price and best deal. Whether it’s the gear box, a new set of wheels, a seatbelt, exhaust, or even a completely new engine, it’s more affordable to replace the car parts you need and give your vehicle a little TLC than it is to invest in a new model.


Car parts – The Ethical Choice


Investing in new car parts and opting to look after your vehicle is a more ethical approach. Our society is turning its back on the throwaway culture that has been cultivated over the past two decades as we move to a more responsible approach to consumerism. Buying individual car parts to improve your car’s performance makes more financial and environmental sense than opting to trade in and buy a new car every other year.


The decision to looking after your own vehicle, investing in car parts and learning a bit about car mechanics makes sense not just financially – being aware of your car’s needs and problems will help ensure you stay safe on the road. And by opting for car maintenance and caring for your car parts, you’ll also be doing your bit for the planet by ensuring you get the most mileage out of your vehicle’s lifespan. It may not be great news for car salesmen, but it’s the best way forward for hard-pressed drivers in the credit crunch to make sure they get the most out of the vehicles.


And it makes sense not just for individuals but for businesses with car fleets too – by investing in a car maintenance scheme it will work out more cost effectively if you fix or replace car parts.