Car parts from reliable sources

Cars are essential for many of us. Whether it’s to get us to and from work, to take the children to school, or to deliver our own products and services, the car is important. Getting the right car parts because of damage or breakdown is also crucial. You must get the right car parts for the make and model of your car, and you must use a reliable source so that you have confidence in the new part.


Car parts that work


If you’ve never thought about buying your car parts from anywhere other than the garage, you’ve probably spent years paying too much. It’s possible to get great quality car parts and spares from established car breakers. These are used parts, but they are not sold unless they’re in excellent condition, and they’re always cheaper than buying brand new. So, how do you know that your car parts dealer is reliable?


Use an intermediary – instead of just approaching your nearest breaker yard for cheaper car parts, use an industry intermediary. This is a company that can access car parts from a number of breakers across the country. Good intermediaries will check out all the breakers it uses, confirming that they are legitimate, and giving them service and quality guidelines to work to. By posting your car parts requirements on an intermediary’s website, you can access a larger number of breakers, giving you a choice when it comes to parts and prices.

Use only established breakers – make sure that you’re happy with the breaker you’re buying from. Many car breakers across the UK are members of the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association. Membership of the MVDA gives you confidence that any used car parts you buy from the breaker are safe and legal. You should also look out for breakers that are registered with the British Vehicle Salvage Federation and the National Salvage Group. All of these bodies are concerned with ensuring that vehicles are dismantled safely and properly and that car parts are sold legally, encouraging as much recycling of vehicles as possible.

Compare prices – you want to get the best deal for the car parts you need, and you want to ensure reliability. The best way to do that is to give yourself a choice. By going through a car parts website, you have access to a number of breakers that might have the car parts you’re looking for. Talk to the breakers and find out more about each part and the price, so that you can make an informed decision.

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No matter what sort of car or van you have, or what car parts you need, 1st Choice can help. We’ve been helping vehicle owners match their requirements with car breakers for over 15 years and we have the contacts and the expertise to get you the great quality car parts you’re looking for. Post your car parts request online today, or call us on the number at the top of our website.