Car Parts-Maintenance Tips for Women

It is not only the male species that take an avid interest in cars. Female car enthusiasts do indeed exist but on a smaller scale than the male. Choose used car parts for the general upkeep for your car.


Enhancing a car with car parts is at the bottom of a long list for many women, behind many other pressing buys such as Jimmy Choos and high fashion purchases. However, every female tends to have a certain amount of interest in their own vehicle even if it leans towards simply learning how to keep costs down. Repairs can be expensive and knowing how to prevent the most common problems can be put down to basic knowledge of car maintenance.


Basic car maintenance fits in to the following categories:


·         Engine Oil


·         Tyre Pressure


·         Coolant


Knowing what’s under the bonnet is something every car owner should attain to. This basic knowledge will make life a lot easier and make the owner aware of the basic things that need maintaining. Making regular checks on oil levels, tyre pressure and tread is quick and easy and will save you money in the long run.


Basic Upkeep


Engine Oil-Checking-Running out of engine oil is a surprisingly common mistake that can have devastating results. To prevent damage to your engine check your oil levels regularly. Ensure your engine has cooled and your car is on a level surface. The dipstick usually has a coloured handle and can be easily identified. Pull the dipstick out and wipe clean. Insert it into the chamber and remove. The oil should rest in-between the min and max levels. Check your oil levels every two to three weeks.

Engine Oil-Topping Up-The first step is to know the make of oil suitable for your car. Identify the oil cap and unscrew this to top up. Recheck the oil level to finish.

Tyre Pressure-Always check the tyre pressure before driving it so the tires are cold as this will record a reliable reading. Your owner manual should tell you the correct pressure levels for your car. If you readings are lower than it should be you will need to inflate the tyre. This can be done at any petrol station.

Coolant-This is something every car owner can do. The coolant is usually contained in a transparent container and can be checked simply by looking at it. Refill if level is close to low.

To save money on the general upkeep of your car up your knowledge of maintenance and car parts.


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