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Whether you’re looking to fix your car because of a fault or break, or improve your car with added car parts and performance enhancing features – 1st Choice Spares is a car enthusiast’s dream website.


1st Choice Spares is every car enthusiast’s ultimate website. Whether you’re a fan of Top Gear or Pimp My Ride, you can find car parts no matter how big or small. The trend for boosting a car’s performance and looks dates back to the MTV hit Pimp My Ride. The show consisted of taking a sorry looking car, in poor condition inside and out, and in desperate need of new car parts. The Pimp My Ride team would then restore it, add new and improved car parts and customise the car. The show started in the States when it was hosted by rapper Xzibit, but a UK version of the show took off when it was presented by DJ Tim Westwood. The show is such a hit that a European version of the show has been aired, as well as spin off’s like Trick My Truck.


Car parts – Get in the Driving Seat


Buying the desired car parts you need online at competitive prices means more people can improve their car – even if they don’t go to the kind of extremes seen on Pimp My Ride. Cars, like our homes and our wardrobes, our cars are equally as deserving of a make over. And ensuring the car parts are working efficiently is also crucial for safety as well as performance and looks. Pimp My Ride is all about customizing the car to suit the tastes of the car owner, so the car is more than just a car – the show didn’t rely on ordinary car parts, in one episode a bowler had a ball spinner fitted in his boot, a surfer got a clothes dryer in his VW bus.


Police Van Gets Pimped


In London, a Metropolitan Police van got pimped as part of the Pimp My Ride show – the extra car parts included a plasma TV, games console, recording studio and stereo. It might have triggered some complaints about prisoners getting something of a too easy ride, but the make-over and car parts were fitted as part of a scheme to create a meeting point for young people. The car parts and entertainment gadgets were donated for the charity XLP – which reaches out to young people affected by knife and gun crime in inner city London. The usual car parts found in a police vehicle – such as a protective windscreen cage and blue flashing lights – were replaced with carbon fibre and white leather fittings for a deluxe hang-out for young people. As well as the inside of the vehicle being pimped, the outside of the car was fitted with a full-size basketball hoop.



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At 1st Choice, we’ve made it as easy as possible for your to find the car parts you need. We have over 200 dealers in our UK network, so whilst we can’t guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for, we’re pretty sure that you will. Dealers contact you direct with prices and delivery details and you’re under no obligation to buy from anyone. Call 0905 235 6000. (Calls Cost £1.00 per minute from a BT Landline. Mobiles & other networks may vary.)