Car parts – saving money in tough times

It’s expensive to run a car. When you take into consideration not just the cost of the car itself, but the insurance, the fuel, the car parts and service, your vehicle can be a real drain on your expenses. If you’re trying to save money at the moment, why not think about buying used car parts? If you buy from the right place, you’ll still get good quality parts for your car, a great delivery service, and cash savings.


Car parts – reliability counts


What you can’t afford to do is buy old, worn car parts that won’t do your car any favours. You’ll end up spending more on repairing your car than you would have done on brand new car parts in the first place. That’s why, when you decide to save money on car spares, you should use an established spares expert who can put you in touch with the right dealers at the right time. You need to look for someone with:


Access to a range of car breakers – good car parts come from good car breakers. You need to talk to a company that works with a range of breakers across the country so that car parts for all makes and models of vehicle can be sourced. At 1st Choice, all our car breakers are well-established, so you know that your car parts have come from genuine vehicles and will be in good working order.

Efficient service – for most people, the car is essential. You can’t afford to wait for a week or two whilst the part is ordered and delivered. In fact, you need car parts as quickly as possible so that you can get your car back on the road. That’s why a used car-parts company needs to have a quick, efficient service. Posting your requirements online, for example, gives all the car breakers an immediate opportunity to see if they can provide the car parts you’re looking for, and get in touch to give you prices and details. Your spares could be with you the next day.

Guarantees – one of the benefits of choosing new car parts is that they are usually guaranteed for a period of time. You may be worried that if you buy car parts from a breaker, there will be no similar guarantee. That’s why you need to look for a company that works with car breakers that offer guarantees. At 1st Choice, we work with over 250 car breakers, all of whom offer a 30 day guarantee as standard. Many offer 60 and 90 day guarantees.

Car parts – post your requirements today


If you’re looking for cheaper car parts today, post your requirements on our site. Any breakers that have the car parts you’re after will be able to get in touch with you so that you can compare parts and prices and decide which breaker to buy from. You can either use our online posting service or give us a call on the number at the top of the website.