Car parts – staying safe

Finding cheap, reliable car parts is great, but it’s only the first part of the job. Once you’ve taken delivery of your car parts, you need to fit them yourself, or find someone else who can.


Car parts and mechanics


Whether you’re trying to save money or trying to save the world, there are many cases when it’s better to buy recycled car parts than to pay out for brand new ones. Depending on how skilled you are at car mechanics, fitting the car parts to your vehicle could be the tricky bit. Whilst some car parts are straightforward to fit and can be done easily with the aid of your vehicle’s manual, others require specialist knowledge and fitting them incorrectly could mean your car becomes dangerous for you and others. Cars are complex machines, so consider the following when you buy your car parts:


Can I fit it myself? – if you’re buying a new windscreen wiper blade, a new cap for your petrol tank or an alloy wheel, fitting it shouldn’t be a problem. The manual that came with your vehicle when you bought it should have some instructions for basic maintenance and repair. You can also buy or borrow more detailed manuals, such as the popular “Haynes” series, which show you how to fit a range of car parts, including more complex parts.

How much will it cost to fit? – if you need professional help to fit your car parts, find out how much it will cost, because you’ll have to budget for this as well as for the cost of the car parts. You may have a friendly local garage that can help, or perhaps a friend who is a good mechanic and can give you a hand. Your car dealership won’t fit any car parts that it hasn’t supplied itself, so always look for smaller garages that might give you a hand – and speak to them beforehand so that they have an idea of what work is involved and you have an idea of the cost.

Will I need anything else? You may have bought the essential car parts, but there may be other tools and parts that you need in order to complete the fit. Don’t start fitting your car parts until you are sure you have everything you need. You’ll also need to think about how long it will take to fit the part so that you give yourself enough time to do it properly and safely.

Fitting your new car parts correctly is vital if your car is to be safe to drive. Always make sure that you talk to a professional, or follow instructions precisely in order to avoid problems in the future.