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The January 2011 news that Daihatsu will stop selling cars in Europe seems to have been announced and then disappeared from view. The ongoing tragedy and consequences of the Japanese tsunami seems to have submerged debate and interest in the departure of a reliable car manufacturer. Apart from a few automotive blogs it seems that few newspapers have picked up and commented on the storey. A successful car manufacture quits a whole economic area and there is barely a murmur.


The company blamed the strength of the Japanese Yen. The Japanese currency has increased against Sterling and the €uro so much that it is not worth their while selling cars here. There are no new Daihatsu cars in the UK, a casualty of Sterling’s decline in value. The company has announced on its website that after sales services will continue, including the supply of Daihatsu spare parts. Hopefully this will be of some assurance to all the Daihatsu owners out there.


In the short term this should not be an issue, apart from the ongoing post-tsunami issues; however, the medium term onwards there may be supply and demand issues. There will be little financial incentive in supplying new aftermarket parts to a dwindling demand base. It is a shrinking market from here on in. Parts may well be available but at what price? It is doubtful that any remaining dealers will be carrying much stock. They may be obligated to complete any servicing and warranty agreements but you can understand a lack of enthusiasm if the manufacturer has quit these shores. As the parts become even more scarce so the prices will rise, even if this is just down to increased transport and storage costs as there will be no volume savings now.


With news this month that one in three cars older than 3 years old will break down in the next 12 months it must be of some comfort that Daihatsu has had such a good reputation for reliability. Spare parts will still be needed. Components do fail and everyday life means that accidents can happen. Where will the Daihatsu owner turn to for competitive replacement parts? Daihatsu breakers are seeing an increase in enquiries for car parts. This is understandable from a number of viewpoints:


·         Recycling car parts is a green way of sourcing spares parts.


·         As cars are written off and cars come to the end of their viable life they are being scrapped and broken for parts, most items being good for reuse.


·         Prices of salvage parts are very competitive.


As the consequences of Daihatsu’s departure play out sourcing replacement parts for your Terios or Sportrak may increasingly take you to the car salvage market. If you need car parts fast and efficiently, look no further than 1st Choice Spares – we find car parts at highly competitive prices.


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