Poem about second hand car parts for sale

Second hand car parts can keep the 1989 VW T3 Campervan called “Belle” on the road:

This is a poem about how one family tries to recycle and, in some small way, save the world.
They have a 1989 VW T3 Campervan called “Belle”. Getting parts is quite tricky so they have to get second hand spares for her. This made them think about their impact on the environment and so now they always look at used and recycled parts, for their daily use car as well.
It is a fun poem that gets the points of good value and recycling across.

Our Campervan whose name is Belle
For an old girl’s looking pretty well
When she needs a part replacing
1st Choice gets her engine racing

For A T3 made in eighty-nine
Her engine’s sounding mighty fine
Her headlights look as good as new
(One was replaced in ninety-two)

To keep her going’s quite a job
The money spent could make you sob
A garage bill’s a license to rob
But 1st Choice helps me save a bob!

The world’s resources can’t supply
Consumer goods that we all buy
Brand new items bought each day
Discarded and just thrown away

So, when I try to play my part
1st Choice is the place to start
Recycled parts is what they do
To make my Belle as good as new

So, next time that your car needs mending,
It’s not just money that you’re spending
By doing now’t and carrying on
The world’s resources will be gone!


Used VW Transporter parts keep the family fun bus on the road, and helps save them money as well.


*Based on a competition entry by Christopher Robin Harris