Recycled car parts show green credentials of auto recyclers

Green Car Parts

The car recycling industry has just had a successful trade show at Hills Motors in Skelmersdale [Complete Car Auto Recyclers Show or CARS for short]. Some of the top companies and organistations in car recycling had either taken stands or ran seminars. Visiting businesses and dimantlers had a fantastic choice of display stands to see, ranging from top of the line crushing equipment to fuel recovery systems. There were demonstrations, training sessions, and seminars that aimed at increasing knowledge of the latest techniques and developments in recovering car parts and materials.
It is a pity that the general public could not be more aware of the the professionalism and sophistication displayed by the top end of the vehicle recycling industry. The sometimes negative image of car dismantlers would have taken a dent. The impression of a dirty yard with cars stacked on top of each other would have been quickly dispelled. The display of car racking systems, depollution equipment, computerised inventories, specialised crushers, bespoke yard equipment from JCB and Manitou, and materials recovery systems would certainly have recycled the publics’ view: The car recycling industry is focused on the European End of Life Vehicles Directive targets for recycling. It is improving its capabilities, technologies, and knowledge base. The green credentials of scrap yards should be common knowledge, unfortunately good news does not sell.

Used Car Parts

It was very interesting to hear of the growth in interest in recycled parts from some sections of the insurance repair market. It is little wonder that a forward looking, ethical business such as the CO-OP gave a talk at the green parts forum about the potential future incorporation of used parts in collison repairs. It was good news to hear that 80% of people, when asked, would agree to the use of green, recycled parts in the repair of their cars. If the public at large would increasingly look for used car parts then so much the better. It is about time that recycled parts from scrap yards moved beyond being a niche market to a main stream one.
It was reassuring to note that a recurrent theme at the green parts forum was customer service. The industry is aware that it needs to be more customer focused, as the top breakers already are. 1st Choice Spares knows that this is the key to increasing market penetration. Just providing good value spare parts is not enough – you need to provide great service as well as actively market that great service and product in a way that suits today’s public: A one stop service with secure online payment, online tracking of deliveries, and configured for a mobile world.
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