Volkswagen Golf Parts

Welcome to 1st Choice Spares, we are here to help you locate the VW Golf parts you need. Our specialist service has been developed over 15 years in the industry and we work with more than 250 car breakers to offer what we consider to be the best service in the UK.




Since 1974 Volkswagen has produced the massively popular Golf. It is VW’s best selling model and it is now in its 6th mark.


Volkswagen Golf Mk 1       1974 – 1984

Volkswagen Golf Mk 2       1985 – 1992

Volkswagen Golf Mk 3       1991 – 1998

Volkswagen Golf Mk 4       1997 – 2006

Volkswagen Golf Mk 5       2003 – 2009

Volkswagen Golf Mk 6       2009 – present


It replaced the VW Beetle, but not straight away. VW Beetle production kept going until 1978 in Germany and until much later in Mexico.


This transition from air cooled to water cooled engines was in part thanks to Volkswagen’s access to Audi technology.


Here is something to ponder [and may win you a pub quiz]: What has the Golf and its variants [Bora, Jetta, Scirocco, Passat] all have in common?


The answer is easy if you know that Jetta is the German for ‘Trade Wind’. The word Golf does not refer to the pleasant game which Europeans beat Americans at. It refers to the Gulf Stream.




If you are under 55 years of age then the VW Golf has been a part of your driving life: If you haven’t owned or driven at least one variant then barely a day can go by without you having seen one on the road. In deed with the takeover over Skoda and SEAT it is difficult to believe that you don’t see a vehicle containing Golf parts every day.


Many of us started out our driving lives in a VW Golf. They were fun and reliable but even a quality car will need replacement parts and spares at some stage in its life. The search for parts can be time consuming, calling main dealers [gasping at the quoted price as often as not] and traipsing round the scrap yards [if you can get there if the car is laid up] and as time goes on the classic Volkswagen parts supply will be dwindling. With scarcity of supply goes a rise in price – so if you need Golf parts or spares at a reasonable price you may need help searching for them.


Getting a search done at up to 250 breakers and scrap yards at one go could greatly improve your chances of sourcing that quality used VW engine or the body parts you need. It will probably save you a great deal of time and money. Let us help your search for cheap car spares.


Cheap scrap car parts could help your Golf stay on the road at a reasonable price. Click on the link below to start your search.