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Welcome to 1st Choice Spares, we are here to help you locate the VW car parts you need. Our specialist service has been developed over 15 years in the industry and we work with more than 250 car breakers to offer what we consider to be the best service in the UK.



Most people know of the link between Ferdinand Porsche and Adolf Hitler to produce the car of the people that we now know as the VW Beetle; however, not many people realise that the brand still exists in part because of both interest and neglect by the British in the aftermath of  the 2nd World War.


A British army major got the VW factory up and running despite the allied bomb damage. He even managed to secure an order for production of 20,000 vehicles for the British army. A British industrialist told the Major that the enterprise would fail. Volkswagen outlived the industrialist’s own empire.  So we bombed the original enterprise, revived it and then let it go and dominate European car manufacturing.



60 years later we still can’t get enough of Das Auto. In some ways we have grown up with the brand as it has reflected the growing affluence of Europe. The original design was for any worker that could save a modest sum a week. Now Volkswagen supplies a range of vehicles from the entry level VW Fox to the luxury crossover SUV VW Touareg.


Indeed the brand seems to reflect our life style choice as much as just producing cars. Whether you own a fried out combi VW Caravelle or a smart, family estate such as the VW Passat or a greener multi-fuel variant you pays your money and takes your choice.



The longevity of the Volkswagen brand has been reflected in how many of their products have lasted on the road and in our imaginations. Many of us started out our driving lives in a VW Golf. They were fun and reliable but even a quality car will need replacement parts and spares at some stage in its life. The production lines have ceased for the Beetle and many early variant Golf and Polo cars, and the classic Volkswagen parts supply will be dwindling. With scarcity of supply goes a rise in price – so if you need VW parts or spares at a reasonable price you may need to spend a little extra time searching for them.


Getting a search done at up to 250 breakers and scrap yards at one go could greatly improve your chances of sourcing that quality used VW engine or the body parts you need. It will probably save you a great deal of time and money. Let us help your search for cheap car spares.


Cheap scrap car parts could help your VW stay on the road at a reasonable price. Click on the accompanying links to start your search.